Life Is... [The Solo EP]

Life Is... [The Solo EP]


These songs were written with the sole purpose of making you feel a connection to your life when you hear the music and the lyrics.

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We're all human and experience the same emotions and my only hope is that you feel impacted by my work.


  1. What Can I Say
  2. Broken Glass
  3. I Am Just an Ant (Instrumental)
  4. An Ocean Away
  5. Sleeping Alone



Songs composed and written by Anthony Goffredi. 
Anthony Goffredi - Guitar/Vox
Kevin Laxar - Bass
Recorded at Module Overload - Denver, CO
Jamie Hillyer - Audio engineer
Ross Henderson - Mixing engineer
Travis Moore - Mixing engineer
Joseph J Chudyk - Mastering, Mockingbird Studios - Byron, NY