Movin' On | OWR Album

by One Way Ride

Released January 31, 2015

With almost 10 years of collaboration and song writing, Lyle and Mavin are ready to release their first ever LP, which will include their latest work about liberation, fickle tendencies of the heart, and the cost of addiction. Get ready for a soulful experience that touches on the deepest of desires and teases at the subconscious.


Music and lyrics written by Trevor Toms and Anthony Goffredi
Performed by Lyle Work and Mavin Brakes
Produced by Francis del Rosario
Lone Pineapple Records

Special thanks to Alexander Bocim percussion/production, Scott Flanigan web design, Amy Zhong photography, Shelby Lueckenotto graphic design, Sam Bowersox-daly production, our Kickstarter backers, friends, family and everyone who has supported us from the beginning.