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Group Guitar Lessons

Plucking & Pints

Playing guitar and drinking beer go hand-in-hand. That's why one of Denver's best guitar teachers and one of Denver's best breweries have teamed up to bring you Plucking with Pints, group guitar lessons for beginner and intermediate players every Wednesday night at Zuni Street Brewing 6–8pm.

These month-long courses are designed to make you a better guitar player whether you're a beginner with no experience or you already know a few chords and songs. With several different levels of classes, you will be able to move seamlessly from one to the next.

If you can't make a lesson over the duration of the course, you will have access to an online video lesson so that you can jump right into the following lesson.

Most teachers in Denver charge $50+/hour for lessons but for just $30, you will get one small, hands on group lesson with a professional teacher along with a pint of delicious Zuni Street Beer.  

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Pay for the entire 4 week course up front and save $10!


Course Outline (Each Course is 4 Weeks)

Beginner Course 1 (December 6pm-7pm)
At the end of beginner course 1, you will have learned four essential chords, how to transition between them and how to put them together to play a classic tune.

Beginner Course 2 (January 6pm-7pm)
We will expand on the chords from Beginner course 1 and add in a couple more along with strumming patterns to play a modern favorite.

Intermediate Course 1 (December 7pm-8pm)
With a strong knowledge of open chords and strumming patterns, we will combine our chords with the melodic picking of notes to play one of the most well-known songs of the classic rock era.

Intermediate Course 2 (January 7pm-8pm)
We throw bar chords into the mix along with advanced strumming patterns to recreate a Fogerty classic.

Advanced Classes
Tailored to your skill level and taste in music!


Why keep looking at that guitar and telling yourself that one day you'll pick it up when you can do it right now?! Come have fun, learn some guitar and of course, drink great beer while making new friends.

See you there!

- Tony Goffredi


Have a Pint. Learn Guitar.


Individual Guitar Lessons For Any Skill Level

Tony Goffredi, Music Coach, Guitar Instructor, Guitar Instruction For All Ages

One-on-one lessons allow us to go at your pace and learn material that you are passionate about. I've worked with students at all skill levels—from just picking up the guitar to seasoned guitarists who are looking to improve a specific aspect of their playing. Let's get started. 

I listen to and play many different types of music and want you to learn whatever style suits you the best. I always teach the same fundamentals to everyone but once we have covered the basics, I want you to explore what you're interested in and I will help make that happen.

SPECIAL: Get a free lesson when you refer a friend who attends four or more lessons. 

Short Lesson

30 Minutes


First lesson is FREE!

One-on-one private instruction.

Customized curriculum and lesson plans.

Pay as you go. No obligation.

Monthly commitment discounts available.

Full Lesson

60 Minutes


First lesson is FREE!

One-on-one private instruction.

Customized curriculum and lesson plans.

Pay as you go. No obligation.

Monthly commitment discounts available.

You’re always learning about this thing, every time you pick it up.
— Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones

 Nice Words From Some of My Students

John, Guitar Student

"Tony is a talented guitarist whose enthusiasm is contagious. He relates well to students of all ages and experience levels and is eager to help people pursue and learn the kind of music which most appeals to them. On top of all that he is just an all-around great guy who quickly became a good friend!"

- John

Nora - Guitar Student of Tony Goffredi

"Tony is not only a talented guitarist but he is also an excellent guitar teacher.  I feel very fortunate to have found him!"

- Nora

Tony with Guitar Student

"Tony has been teaching guitar to our 6 year old for almost a year in our home.  Our child is learning to play the guitar and having fun.  Before finding Tony, we did not see many options for a child as young as ours, and we are very happy that we found him.  Tony is prompt, flexible with our schedule, personable, and trustworthy."

- Steve & Rachel


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